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One of the most famous waterfalls in the world and certainly from some of the view points on both the Brazilian and Argentinean side of the falls, one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Which brings us to the most important consideration when visiting the falls; which is to allow enough time to visit them from both sides of the border, and also to allow you to take the best routes and activities to maximise you whole experience.

Like many natural wonders around the world it will not surprise you to learn that arriving with all the other hordes of visitors is often off putting to say the least and can certainly impact on both the views and your overall enjoyment of the natural spectacle. However following simple guidelines such as avoiding weekends, public holidays and getting up early, can have a very positive affect on your overall experience.

Iguassu Falls

For our trips we would organise 2 nights at a hotel close to the falls on the Brazilian side and then 1 night close to the falls on the Argentinean side. To illustrate how well this works, we got up early to walk along the Upper Trails on the Argentinean side and were one of a handful of people around. Not only did we enjoy the spectacle of the falls themselves in peaceful tranquillity, but also the sight of thousands of White-eyed Parakeets roosting on trees above one of the lesser falls.

Another must do activity during your stay is a boat trip towards the falls or to nearby San Martin Island. It is then possible to climb up to the top of the island for spectacular views of the curtain of water directly in front of you. The boat can also be taken right into the Devils Throat Canyon for a wet and thrilling ride!

Aside from activities focused on the falls themselves, there is some great birding to be had on both sides of the falls and we have links with specialist guides who can pick you up from your hotel and take you to great locations on either side of the border. These trips can be tailor-made around your own activities and can give you a real appreciation of the small but spectacular forest located within the Iguaçu National Park.

There is also a local destination where a lady has a small area of land where numerous feeders with sugar solution attract a dizzying variety of Humming Birds. Although not a wild experience in the true sense, it is very special for people interested in a close up of these elusive birds.


Looking down into the famous Devils Throat as the mist rises up the rocks and hundreds of bats fly in and out of the curtain of water.

Early morning starts mean viewer visitors and the chance to see thousands of White-eyed Parakeets relaxing in the early morning sun.

An exhilarating ride by boat right up to the falls or to San Martins Island where you have the best possible view of this natural wonder




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