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The accommodation that we provide has been chosen carefully for its unique character, spectacular location or friendly service, and in many cases all three. You have the opportunity to stay in some truly memorable locations individually selected to enhance your overall experience, rather than just provide a base for your wildlife activities.

boat safari in the amazon

Our ever-expanding portfolio ranges from rustic wilderness lodges to historic merchant houses and river cottages with spectacular views; you can even stay in a Monastery! We pride ourselves on being able to find the best fit for your tastes and budget and checking all the properties out during our own personal recce trips.

We endeavour to select properties with the best amenities and services available in the area. These are all properties that afford you an optimum balance between facilities and location. Brazil in particular has a great number of small family run lodges that appeal to clients wanting to meet the local people as well as the wildlife. A lot of these lodges or fazendas as they are know are fairly simple in design with small windows to keep out the heat of the summer. They often have nice shady balconies and are set in their own private grounds. There are often plenty of trees around providing additional shading and a great variety of local birdlife.

Food is always plentiful and suitable for vegetarians as well. The lack of spice in the central regions of Brazil may disappoint those looking for somthing a little more exciting to tempt their taste buds. However to be able to eat good local produce and always have a wide range of vegetables to go along with the excellent meat is always welcome. Most of the lodges have good quality buffets but are flexible enough to include packed lunches if you are heading off for the entire day or will serve a very early morning breakfast for the mad keen birders amongst you.

Nearly all the accommodation (even the remote Amazon lodges) have power supplies in the rooms although this may not be available all day long. Generally it is easy to travel with your camera gear and even a laptop and charge up all your batteries ready for the exciting day ahead.





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