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A beautiful location 6 hours north of Belo Horizonte, which consists of two high plateaus (Chapadao) separated by a large valley. Plain or undulated highlands are isolated by cliffs, precipices and spectacular waterfalls; the most famous plunging 200M off a sheer cliff. This is the famous San Fransisco River and it flows north from here (the only river to do so in Brazil) for 2700km before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

Vegetation in the area is typical of the Cerrado province, with some Atlantic influence. On the top of the plateau you look out onto vast grasslands with small patches of low level forest (especially near the streams and rivers) and stony/rocky areas that provide good viewing areas for wildlife enthusiasts.

Giant Anteater

Although some local people visit at the weekend to see the source of the San Fransisco River and the spectacular waterfalls, for the nature lover there is much to see and be admired. The most famous residents of the 'Upper Canastra' are the Maned Wolves, Giant Anteaters and Pampas Deer. With a 2 to 3 day stay in the park you have a good chance to see both species, although sightings of the Wolves are often at a distance and your guide's scope will be an essential item of kit. In contrast due to its poor eyesight, the Giant Anteaters can be approached quite closely, allowing you to observe their amazing eating habits.

Although lovers of mammals will want to spend plenty of time up on the Chapadao, a visit to the 'Lower Canastra' is not to be missed, especially the walk to the base of the waterfall which gives you the opportunity to see Black Tufted Ear Marmoset, Masked Titi Monkey and the highly endangered Brazilian Merganser.

There are some charming mid-range lodges to rest for the night just outside of the park and a walk through the 'sleepy' local villager is a delight for those keen to see how the local people live their lives


Observing Maned Wolves stalking prey in the wind swept grasslands

Getting up close to the extraordinary Giant Anteaters as it hunts for termites and other grubs

Scanning the San Fransisco River for the elusive and highly endangered Brazilian Merganser and other amazing birds such as, Toco Toucans, Red-Breasted Toucan,s Plush Chested Jays, Brazilian Mergansers, Reddish Billed Parakeets, Red Legged Seriemas, White Vented Violet Ear Humming Birds, Glittering Bellied Emerald Humming Bird,s Planalto Hermit Humming Birds and Swallow Tailed Humming Birds.




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