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South Amazon Rainforest

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For many clients visiting Brazil one of the highlights of their trip will be a chance to explore the famous Amazon Forest. Few people realise quite how vast this forest is and that it extends into 5 different South American countries, Brazil being one of them.

As you head north from the Pantanal or Brazil's major cities the first opportunity you have to see the Amazon rainforest is by staying at a lodge close to Alta Floresta. This lodge is particularly famous amongst the birding fraternity for its incredibly rich avifauna. The bird list for this relatively small patch of rainforest extends to an astonishing 570+ species, with new species being found every year. There are several wonderful trails which have been sympathetically opened within the forest to allow you to fully explore the richness of the area.

Spider Monkey

However it is not only birders who are well catered for, there is an impressive 50M watchtower located close to the lodge (10-15 minute walk) which provides an ideal platform for observing the diversity of the primates to be found in the surrounding forest. These include Black Howler Monkeys, Black Capuchin Monkeys, Saki Monkeys and the enchanting and acrobatic Black Spider Monkeys. To spend time in the tower viewing these beautiful primates at the tree canopy level is a real privilage and to round it of with a beautiful sunset is very much the icing on the cake.

There are an incredible 20km of guided trails and you will always have one of the very knowledgeable lodge guides to accompany you on any excursion. There are trails that focus on birds, primates, Giant Brazil nut trees and ground dwelling mammals like Agouti and Peccaries that visit a salt lick not far from the lodge.

If you stay for a good length of time there is usually an option to take an extended river trip which lasts a full day (packed lunch included). Apart from enjoying the river and all of its unique wildlife this trip also provides the opportunity to view the rare and very unique Hoatzin. This prehistoric looking bird can be found in small groups amongst small vine like trees that prefer the lagoon just off the main river. They are often deep within the tree canopy and are difficult to photograph; but just a glimpse of these birds is worth a silent and patient wait.


The chance to see the playful antics of the Black Spider Monkeys from a tower 50M above the ground.

A chance for birders to spend time in one of the best locations in the world, with birding guides who will thrill clients with even a passing interest in our feathered friends.

A chance to stay in a simple but comfortable eco-lodge where a huge amount of work is being done to protect this important southern boundary from further development and destruction. You will leave feeling inspired to do your bit for protection of wilderness areas across the world.




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