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Like the north, this is a vast area and we concentrate on the area close to Corumba and lodge based activities next to the beautiful Rio Paraguay. Although there are good densities of Jaguars in the south, from my own experience there is not the same opportunity to see them as in the north. You also have to be wary of lodges that promote themselves as a good location to see Jaguars, but with their wish to satisfy group travellers, throw in a lot of activities not focused on wildlife viewing, including canoe trips and horse back riding. There is nothing wrong with these activities, but without the chance to 'tailor' each day as with a Wildlife Trails trip, you may feel rather frustrated at missed wildlife viewing opportunities and the dominance of groups staying there.

Hyacinth Macaws

Our approach to the south is to firstly focus on the incredible scenery and then choose locations that will give our clients a chance to see both Jaguars and Giant River Otters. There is also the possibility of visiting the protected Pantanal Wildlife Sanctuary, which can be visited as a daytrip from one of the lodges we use for our clients.

This lodge is owned by third generation Pantanese and the food and homely service is second to none. It is possible to take a small boat from the lodge to the family owned farm and this is an incredible wilderness experience. You zip along in the boat through very narrow channels of water; these channels change constantly as the large water mass that defines the Pantanal, moves and changes shape throughout the season. This is where the BBC filmed their special wildlife documentary on Piranhas and there are opportunities to snorkel and observe the diversity of fish species found in these productive waters.

One of my defining experiences of my entire trip to Brazil was returning from the farm having viewed a pair of nesting Hyacinth Macaws and racing along the narrow channels with 100's of accompanying fish-eating bats swooping in front of the boat as the dusk frog chorus serenaded our journey back to the lodge. All of this taking place as we views a spectacular sunset against the backdrop of the Abalar Mountains near the border of Brazil and Paraguay; Spectacular!

Our clients can also visit an alternative lodge where daily boat safaris are possible to view Giant River Otters, Caimans, Green Iguana and an outside chance of Jaguar. The lodge is beautifully situated right next to the river and consist of stilted two story cottages attached by a wooden boardwalk.


A chance to explore the magnificent Rio Paraguay, one of the great rivers of Brazil, and to relax at a small riverside lodge owned by people who have an intimate connection with the South Pantanal. Spending a lot of time on the water is a real joy and a real contrast to some of the dusty road journeys necessary in the North Pantanal.

A chance to visit the little known Pantanal National Park where the famous Jaguar researcher, Peter Crenshaw, has based himself for most of his study.

A chance to snorkel and see a variety of river fish in the crystal clear waters of the many triburitories of this important river system.

Opportunities to see Giant River Otters, Marsh Deer, Giant Anteaters, Hyacinth Macaws and an outside chance of a Jaguar.




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