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Jaguar Trails is a subsidary of Wildlife Trails; a company that has been organising tailor-made tours to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Canda, the Arctic, Uganda and Rwanda for eight years. We have always felt that other companies in the market constantly make the mistake of offering rushed tours with not enough time actually spent wildlife viewing. This makes no sense, as the clients have booked a wildlife tour and are therefore quite entitled to expect that they will be on safari for a significant part of their trip. We feel that wildlife enthusiasts don't want to spend a lot of their trip on the road, or have their itineraries padded out with 'fluff'.

Giant River OtterWe were the first company in India to recommend that clients must stay 4-5 days at the Tiger Sanctuaries to give themselves a realistic chance of a sighting. Our aim was to move away from the 'zoo' like experience, where clients were turning up with tour companies on unrealistic schedules, staying for a couple of days, and expecting to see every species in the park. We have never organised large group tours, our whole company setup and ethos has always been designed around tailor-made trips. The terms bespoke and tailor-made have become very fashionable in the travel industry, but many companies do not seem to understand what these terms actually mean. They organise tours on set dates that they call tailor-made, they offer an extension to a group tour and call this tailor-made travel.

Tailor-made travel is all about the client; what amount of time do they have available, when do they want to travel, which parks do they want to visit, what type of accommodation would they like to stay in, what are the aims and aspirations for their trip? We can only answer all these questions by spending time with our clients on the phone or by email or post.....lots of time! Yes it is very labour intensive, but what it means is our clients arrive in countries and start trips that they have helped design; trips that they want.

Wildlife Trails are members of the Travel Trust Association and abide by the requirements of their code of conduct. The TTA is a trade association of travel agents and tour operators which provides financial protection for your booking. Your funds are held in a designated trust account, which is supervised by an independent trustee, the money can only be released on the completion of your trip. For further details about the TTA, please contact them on 020 8876 4458 or visit their website at Wildlife Trails is also ATOL bonded (T7148) and can offer flights to fit in with tailor-made itineraries.

You have the opportunity to stay in some thoroughly unique locations. When selecting the accommodation we offer, we look for character properties in picturesque, natural settings wherever possible, and place an emphasis on a high level of personal service and environmental responsibility. In choosing these hotels and lodges we hope the very act of staying there will enhance your overall experience.

Whatever type of person you are we can help you pick an itinerary which will give you the best of everything. We will work with you to ensure that accommodation, transport, and wildlife activities are selected to match your hopes, needs and budget.

To begin your Wildlife Trails travel experience you can get in touch by phone, fax or email, and together we will start planning an individual itinerary designed specifically for you. We are here to offer advice and guidance regarding all aspects of your trip, and can arrange so much more than can ever be detailed on our website.




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